I am Jesus Christ


I am Jesus Christ

… For a great sinner there is a great Savior … Jesus Christ…

I love you a lot… very even. You are very important for me.

You run, you eat lunch, you work… you think of everything, less in me.

You scream, you cry, you stop, you love…, you smile, but… you never call me.

You are sad, after you get calm… and you don’t thank me.

You walk, you go up stairway, you go down stairway, and, not even you worry.

You have everything and you don’t give me anything.

You waste your time, your money and you don’t give me a word.

You feel disgust, you feel everything… less my presence.

You look at, you play, you feel, you have a perfect sense… but you never use them for me.

You study and you don’t understand me, you win and you don’t help me, you sing and you don’t cheer me.

You explore the fact of being disliked by somebody, but… you never opened the mouth to say to somebody that loves me.

You complain of the mistreatments, but you don’t value what I do for you.

If you are sad not even you think of me, and if you think it is just to accuse me. Don’t you understand that I suffer for you?

If you are happy you don’t participate me and you don’t know me that consider you a lot.

If you didn’t arise in the life, you discharges in me all your camouflaged ignorance, but… if you are less important for the society you think very more, and you forget that I love you so much.

You don’t have time for anything, nor to think in me.

You break so many branches for your friends, but you don’t remove a thorn of my forehead.

You complain of the life, but you don’t know that mine is sad for your cause.

You understand all the transactions of the world, but… you don’t understand my message.

You lower the eyes when a superior screams with you, and you don’t lift this same glance when I speak to you about love.

You speak bad of the people, but you forget that I know all your life.

You face many obstacles of the life, you are strong, but… that grieves, although you don’t admit, I know that is afraid of me.

You defend your soccer team, your favorite actor, that person that you find it borders, your convictions… and, you don’t defend me before your friends.

You don’t feel shame of undressing before somebody, but… you are embarrassed of removing the mask before me.

You run with your car, but… you don’t run for my arms. Sometimes, I already noticed that: you speak that I did I don’t know the something… but you never gave me chance of speaking what you do.

You are a body in the world, and, me a world in your body. Who am I???

I am somebody that everyday beats to your door and you say: “Do you have room for me in your life? in your house? In your heart ?”


What I want is simply that you accept me…
“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved”. (Romans 10:9).

See in Portuguese

Sê exaltado, ó Deus, acima dos céus; e seja a tua glória sobre a terra.

Provérbios 57:11