No War – Ukraine


No war against the Ukraine! Bloody War! Paz!

The problems in the world are many, so many that we don’t have time, nor do we have enough means to solve them all one by one…

What we need least at the moment and at no time is wars; in fact, the only thing that wars bring are deaths, sadness, various losses, especially life, often irreparable for human beings.

Our battles are endless. We have lack of peace, hunger, lack of housing and wars do not help us at all. And the saddest thing is that the problems only get worse and those who suffer the most are precisely the weakest and most unprotected, the people!

And that same people, whether Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Jewish, Brazilian, Syrian, German, Lebanese, Armenian, American, Iranian, Canadian, French, English, African, Turkish, Polish, Iraqi, receives the yoke of thoughtless acts of their rulers. Just take a look at what happens, millions of people fleeing Ukraine, seeking shelter in neighboring countries. [because of a war they didn’t create].

While some are struggling, others are looking for peace. We know that many “fight” for different interests, but it is necessary to take into account that all humanity loses a lot, in one way or another.

Volodymyr Zelensky

Volodymyr Olexandrovytch Zelensky [Born: January 25, 1978] is the current President of Ukraine, to which he was sworn in on May 20, 2019. He is a Ukrainian politician, actor, screenwriter, comedian, and film producer/director. Zelensky was born and raised in Kryvyi Rih, a region located in southeastern Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin [Born: October 7, 1952] is the current president of Russia, as well as having served as a former KGB agent in the foreign department and head of the Soviet and Russian secret services, KGB and FSB, respectively.

Summary of the War between Russia and Ukraine

Since February 24, the international community has watched with perplexity the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The tension between Russia and Ukraine has historical and political motivations and ties, and in many ways they share cultural habits, which both unite and separate them, and are situated in a conflicted zone of Europe.

Currently, new sources of tension on the eastern Ukrainian border have reignited fears of a Russian invasion. Such concern is also shared with Western countries, particularly the United States, which are traditional opponents of the Russian government.

The tension between Russia and Ukraine passes through several moments of the constitution of these two nations located in the extreme east of Europe.

Ukraine was dominated by the Russian Empire in the past, later by the Soviet Union.

The professed faith was Orthodox Christian, instituted in 988 by Vladimir I of Kiev (or Saint Vladimir Svyatoslavich “The Great”), who consolidated the kingdom Rus in the territory that corresponds today to Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and extends to the Baltic Sea.

Ukrainian independence officially took place in 1991, through the fragmentation of the former Soviet Union.

What further incited the tempers between the two countries and from its independence, Ukraine approached Western nations, in the political, economic and cultural areas.

This common heritage dates back to the 9th century, when Kiev, the current Ukrainian capital, was the center of the first Slavic state, created by a people who called themselves “Rus”.

It was this great medieval state, which historians call Kievan Rus, that gave rise to Ukraine and Russia – whose current capital, Moscow, emerged in the 12th century. throughout history, it has become the capital of Russia and the largest city in that country.

Ukraine was partially invaded by Russia in the Russian takeover of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014 which is the most current and main tension between Russia and Ukraine.
This rapprochement between Ukraine and the West is viewed with great suspicion by Russia, which fears the loss of an important area of influence.

Currently, there are thousands of Russian soldiers deployed along the eastern Ukrainian border, a scenario that raises fears of a new invasion of the country.

Ukraine has the support of Western nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom, and other countries such as: Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Croatia and Slovenia; Members of the Western Military Alliance (NATO) North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and (EU) European Union to prevent a possible Russian invasion.

These countries will continue to help Ukraine fight the Russian invasion, provided military aid while also adapting the alliance’s own security to the “new reality” unleashed by the war. Also Israel and Australia, which are not members of the EU or NATO but act as allies, also promised assistance.

Ні війни, Україна Нет войне, Украина
No War, Ukraine Nessuna Guerra, Ucraina
Kein krieg, Ukraine Aucune Guerre, Ukraine
Guerra Não, Ucrânia Guerra entre Rússia e Ucrânia
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