Coronavirus – David Icke Talks To Jeff Rense – Lockdown Britain – Transcrição Inglês

Coronavirus – Lockdown Britain – David Icke Talks To Jeff Rense

Transcrição Inglês

Jeff Rense: David is up early in the UK were very grateful always when he gets up to spend some time with us hello mate, welcome back.

“laughs” morning Jeff,

It´s 7:00 it´s a lockdown Britain now the most predictable thing you could ever imagine I´ve been saying it for some time and the government has been saying: “well maybe and we´re considering “laughs” and hold on a second this is a script”.

It´s… it´s a global script and what we had in the last few days here was a classic because obviously there were restrictions put in and then over the weekend it was lovely weekend and… and people went out and they… they you know went for walks they went into national parks and other places and there was such a media backlash against it in terms of you know this this is terrible people shouldn´t be allowed to do this.

that you knew it was a psychological preamble to what was announced by Boris Johnson last night and so here we are now we´re gatherings of more than two people in public or banned where you can go for a exercise once a day, you go the shops only when you needs to, I said the shops no not the shops or food stores and apart from that you go to stay at home and because there are many… many things that come for this first of all the isolation.

It´s something that I´ve been talking about for some considerable time and writing in the books the idea is to replacing the human contact with human machine contact because they are fusing us psychologically and then even… even physically through brain connections to AI (Artificial Intelligence) their fusing us to Artificial Intelligence and to the technological smart grid Network and…

Jeff Rense: What is the perfect word for that David, fusing?

fusing, yeah.

Jeff Rense: Perfect! ”

Yeah and… and so what you got with these lockdowns and this is just one level of it course all the other things you just said are absolutely truth, it what we´re going to have now and you know we´re saying it already is human contact or human interaction it Is the more and more I a machine prior AI (Artificial Intelligence) and this is all two pushes along this road as are all these things that people have in their house now the AI (Artificial Intelligence) echoes and… and assistants and all these things It´s to the…

Jeff Rense: the smart moment yeah.

Yes It´s a psychologically with the… with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and this isolation this is just one level of it like I say is… is again pushing us in that direction to reduce human… human contact and increase human machine and even human via machine to you.

Jeff Rense: Okay, yeah, yes, yes, yes, let me say something what David is saying I want you to use as an overlay this idea of quarantine and self-quarantine and social distancing, I understand none of this is accidental those are tools to achieve exactly what he just say.

Yes it´s a, it´s a multi multi-level conspiracy to enslave humanity, indeed, going on being enslaving humanity to transform humanity to something that we would not recognize as humanity but it´s multiple… multiple levels but the foundation of the chest psychological behavior comes from perception of reality you perception of reality is driving your behavior all the time and of course the you go one step back from that where do perceptions come from they come from information received.

So the more this lockdown happens the more they control information, as a result of it , the more they´re dominating information received which becomes perception which becomes behavior and all these things are happening you know in multiple ways and on multiple levels and it´s a psychological war on the human psyche that we´re seeing.

Jeff Rense: What Trump likes to call himself the “wartime president” the irony of it is he´s not talking about the same you just identified, which is exactly what´s being waged it´s the war against us and it is not being done easily. These people have planned this for so long there´s nothing spontaneous, as I said, no coincidences. All this is lay out by people who this is what they do and I´m not sure that they´re connected to off-planet intelligence or not I have no proof of that but it wouldn´t surprise me in the least something´s up here something big.

Yes I writing about these subjects going for 30 years. I´ve been researching at full-time for 30 years and… and there´s no question for me from the research that I´ve done over that period that what we call the 1% what we call the elite and whatever name you want to give to it, is a representation in our reality, which of course is a narrow band of frequencies we call visible light the electromagnetic spectrum whatever.

And… and they are representatives of a nonhuman force that is using that motor vehicle to take over the human race and going on from what I said earlier. I´ve been again writing and talking or for a long long time about what I call the assimilation, the assimilation of human consciousness which cause human perception into Artificial Intelligence this is what Raymond Kurzweil* and some people like that… that at Google and these other crazies and Psychopaths in Silicon Valley are talking about when they are promoting a human brain connection to Artificial Intelligence even gives a year for it around 2030 that it will be well underway and, of course, 2030 comes up everywhere in one direction whatever subject area you´re looking at in this whole conspiracy.

You´re looking at this recurring year of 2030 so what we´re going to see is more and more shocks to the human psyche of all the kind we´re experiencing now but also others which are if you like molding from hammering and chiseling the human psyche into a certain state of mind in which it will it will give it some right to think to Artificial Intelligence and that´s the much bigger picture of what´s going on but of course the other big one two other big things that relate to this current situation is that the… the legacy in the end the biggest legacy for Humanity in this particular virus to have others were far more potent than this is economic and what it is destroying by the hour is human economic independence this is why they´re destroying small business.

They´re… they´re making rules and regulations and locking down and introducing bans which are fundamentally targeted at Mon-and-Pop businesses small businesses medium-sized businesses even some big businesses that are not connected to this global cult and because the plan of the… the new world is for it´s meant to be a technocracy within the technocracy unfold all the time I think obviously being defined as a society run by bureaucrats experts scientists engineers and so on and they will do that through “AI” that´s plan but they plan in that structure what I call the “hunger games´ society structure” where you´re got a tiny few dominating a an enslaved and deprived population which of course is exactly what is unfolding as a result of what is happening with this this virus.

The idea is that the business spooned all production it´s actually globally dominated by a handful of corporations that are completely owned by this global goals and… and because we have an absolute example starting is in the face of what I´m talking about in Amazon that´s what I mean and so to do that you´ve got to destroy independent business and to create dependency because this is what it´s all about dependency equals control and to create dependency you have to destroy independent means of economic livelihood and that is what they´re doing and that´s what in this case I would say there are many elements to this, of course, we discuss quite already?

But the big one relating to this virus is the economic consequences because when this locked down ends around the world that of course it won´t be rolled back to where we were before a lot of the things that bring in will never stay there we saw that after 9/11 but when it when it ends and people start to come out again they are going to be staring at a completely world in which there will be massive dependency that wasn´t there before what they’re talking about we see it already circulating is well we´ve got to sort this out we´ve got to we´ve got to do something I mean look you know people says, says, says “I´m looking ah!” I know guarantee income and… and I´ve been writing about this for so long again that is this plan for the guaranteed income what does that mean first of all the guaranteed income would be tiny so you would be in that deprivation situation in the bottom of the Hunger Games pyramid and… and you would also have to behave as the state demands to get the guaranteed income of if you say: “well stick you guaranteed income I… I´m gonna… I´m gonna express my freedom” then they would say: “well we´re gonna let your money, you know, that… that virus is destroyed you know the economy and jobs at all by the way “AI” is taking over all the others;

You know and when you look at China in TVs as I´ve been saying for decades the blueprint for the world because China has lived in a tyranny it means that what in the West they have to pay lip service to in terms of change and centralization of powers, etc. they have to some have to do it in  way that I know it´s not taking your freedom away in China this is what´s going on we´re doing this and so that is further ahead you know further ahead of that we are catching up very quickly in the West where the world is being taken and so you look at their social credit system where you get credits if you behave the way the government once you have them taken away if you behave.

Otherwise and we have millions of Chinese people banned from flying ban from on trains because they have lost too many social credits and they have because it because it´s a technocracy that´s what China is… is millions of face recognition cameras so your behavior is being tracked all the time in real time twenty for seven (24/7) to… to run this social credit system and that´s what they want to bring to West and one of the legacies again of this current virus situation in we must never have this again we must attract people and make sure that you know we´re tracking their… their health and everything so we need to track people and… and a lot of people in their fear and terror of… of the consequences will agree to that even demand what that happens “they´ll give up all their evidence” you know people in question the current situation are being demonized.

Jeff Rense: Yeah they´ll give up all their freedoms for safety that´s the oldest game in the book now as far as businesses go you made a wonderful point this will wipe out most small businesses they won´t be bailed out the bailouts* are going to the big corporations and I´ve got a couple list of those already everything from Boeing to the cruise ship industry.

Jeff Rense: Trump said oh we need the cruise ship it´s a big business we´re going to have to take care of them these people are all going to get bailouts. What´s a bailout? It´s free money it´s your money there´s a business down the street from you get a dime know if they´re lucky they might get a loan but that´s it this is all corrupted and all designed to take away choice and that´s what they´re doing?

Choice is dependency it´s always dependency because once you´re dependent on this… this cult various, various multiple faces then they got you and that´s what´s happening now and then people in their reaction and fear in large numbers not getting what´s happening the world has changed, the world has changed in a way that people are going to be who haven´t considered this are going to be shocked about and what they are manipulating and they did do it brilliant I mean they´re sick and in the end they´re stupid from a big picture point of view,

Jeff Rense: Yes

But in terms of wisdom in terms of all these things consciousness but in terms of understanding the human psyche and how to manipulate it they are brilliant they are experts and the… the big human response system that they focus upon it my goodness we are they doing it now is this for so many people this to make fear of death which is an expression of the fear of the unknown and so once you trigger that survival response system which doesn’t think it reacts it´s the system that whacks the brakes on when someone walks in front of your car.

Jeff Rense: Yes it´s looks likes, yeah…

It´s reflex and so all this panic buying and stuff is an expression of the survival mechanism and the survival mechanism says if I have to survive because you don´t then that´s fair enough because I must survive and… and so I´m going to buy as much as I can and if you go without wells too bad I must survive because the same survival mechanism kicks in with acceptance of draconian measures and draconian impositions because the survival mechanism says well I don´t care how to grow old and they are as long as it I feel it increases my ability to survive then I´ll go for it and by the way you who are questioning this.

Well you are by questioning this draconian lockdown situation? You are threatening my survival? So I´m going to turn on you and this is how it goes and it´s a simple thing once you move to a state of consciousness a state of self-identity a state of awareness where you self-identify not as your name and your life story and your labels which are experiences and not you and you star to identify with being a point of attention within an internal infinite state of consciousness the first thing that goes is you lose your fear of death because you know what death is it´s very simple it is a transfer of your point of attention that´s what that is.

End… and once you start to come from that at that point then you lose the fear of death and when you lose the fear of death the ability to intimidate and you trigger that survival mechanism which doesn’t think doesn’t consider just because “we´re all going to die baby” goes, when that goes so does the vast majority of the ability of this hold this network to intimidate you into…

Jeff Rense: Submission

Unquestioningly going in the direction that they want you to go.

Translation by: Dannybia 03/27-30/2020 – Veja Transcrição e Tradução em Português

* Raymond Kurzweil (born February 12, 1948) is an American inventor and futurist. He is involved in fields such as optical character recognition (OCR), text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition technology, and electronic keyboard instruments. He has written books on health, artificial intelligence (AI), transhumanism, the technological singularity, and futurism. Kurzweil is a public advocate for the futurist and transhumanist movements, and gives public talks to share his optimistic outlook on life extension technologies and the future of nanotechnology, robotics, and biotechnology.

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