Another Vesion Cranmer's Bible 1575

"From Archbishop Cranmer’s Bible, printed in 1575, reign of Queen Elizabeth"

O Our Father which art in heauen

halowed be thy name.

Let thy Kingdome come.

Thy wil be done,

as well in earth, as it is in heauen.

Give vs this day our dayly breade.

And forgyue vs our dettes,

as we forgyue our detters.

And lead vs not into temptation,

but deliuer vs from euill:

for thine is the kingdome,

and the power, and the glorie, for euer.


O Senhor julga os povos; julga-me, Senhor, de acordo com a minha justiça e conforme a integridade que há em mim.

"Salmos 7:8"

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