To Find Jesus

To Find Jesus

"Encontrar Jesus"

Tudo Entregarei - Nind Um Lar Lá No Céu

Lyrics: Daniel Borges, 2005.

Music: Rigdon McCoy McIntosh, 1876. [ Arquivo MidiArquivo NnoteWorthy ComposerArquivo PDF ].

. Daniel Borges based this hymn on the youth's Ben Worley words. He wrote these words to her friend Skylar [a Sondra's daughter] when she was sad about "boys", and… "To Find Jesus" was born. They live in Carrollton - Texas. All of them attend and sing hymns at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Daniel Borges baseou este hino nas palavras do jovem Ben Worley. Ele escreveu estas palavras a sua amiga Skylar [a filha de Sondra Hurt] quando ela estava triste por causa de "garotos", e… "Encontrar Jesus" nasceu. Eles vivem em Carrollton - Texas. Todos são membros e cantam hinos na Igreja Batista de Prestonwood.

Skylar and Ben

You need to find Jesus and know Him as Lord
'Cause Salvation is a gift by His blood
There's only one way Jesus gift is received
You simply in Jesus... need to believe!

The sins of the world for you Jesus did bear,
He did suffer and died a death rare.
He offers you life, all sin be absolved,
It's like no other kind of love!

For you to arrive at the sweet Promised Land,
You must accept His loving command.
It won't matter who or what can hurt your heart,
Just give it to Jesus hands impart.


Your Savior Jesus, He loves you as treasure,
He made you for His good pleasure.
A beautiful being, little shining star,
His own jewel unchanging afar.


To Christ Jesus nothing will be worth, yet...
If you do this or will still do that,
Because Jesus has for you a singular love,
People envy your rest above...


In His Celestial and divine Beulah Land,
We will live close to the great "I AM"...
Know He loves you and you're free,
And for you, be sure, Jesus there shall ever be.


These the original words of the poem written by the youth. Ben Worley to her friend Skylar [the daughter of Sondra] when she was sad about "boys".

Skylar, Ben and Sondra

you need to get to a point with jesus
where you dont get your validation from the world
from people or popularity
u need to get to a place
where no matter how much stuff sucks...

no matter who broke ur heart
that u know in ur knower that jesus loves u
that he thinks that you are
the most beautiful creature in the world

and that no matter what u do
or have done ever
or will do ever
that youre a priceless jewel in his eyes
you’ll live different
you’ll live with a passion that people will envy you for...

thats something that wont leave u if u love Jesus
and know how much He loves u
cause He will always love u
and always be there for u

Ben to Skylar

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