The God Of Holiness And Love

The God Of Holiness And Love

"O Deus de Santidade e Amor"

Feliz eu Sou Inocentes, Nós?

Words: Daniel Borges, 2004-5 ( O Deus de Santidade e Amor ); translated from Portuguese to English by Daniel Borges and Richard W. Adams, 2005.

Music: "Meribah", Lowell Mason, 1839. [ Arquivo MidiArquivo NnoteWorthy ComposerArquivo PDF ].

Lowell Mason (1792-1872)

The God of holiness and love,
His faithfulness I see above,
Though I am prone to sin;
But triumphing with His strong hand,
I know with me He’ll ever stand,
Till I reach Beulah Land.

Oh, Jesus’ light and boundless grace!
How blest was I to see His face,
His life He did not spare;
This sinner He in love did seek,
Enabling me His Word to speak,
I walk as child and heir.

Yes, Jesus died upon the cross,
To some it seems but pain and loss,
But He the Lord obeyed;
The Potter setting free His clay,
To live above in endless day,
With love that cannot fade.

In that celestial home I’ll see
My brothers, sisters, family,
I long for His reward;
Then Jesus will my soul embrace,
A crown of life my sins replace,
As long as I believe!

[ Veja em Português O Deus de Santidade e Amor also in Cyberhymnal ]

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